Trading on the Global Market

This is the SimCity Global Market ScreenIn the Global Market you can buy resources from other players. Need coal for your Power Plant ? you can get it here. Or in the future when they are online again compete for a spot on the Leaderboards !

Importing and Exporting Resources to and from  the Global Market Requires a Trade Depot or Trade Port. The Difference between the two is the amount of Storage, the way the goods can be shipped, and how often depending on that.The Trade Port allows for shipping by Rail or Sea, provided you build the required module for it.

To Trade a resource select either the Trade Depot or Port and click on Manage Global Market Deliveries.

For each Storage Lot type that you have at the facility you are presented with a tab that allows you to set what to do with that Resource. The options are “use locally” , “import” and “export”. This can differ Between facilities. So one Trade Depot could Import coal while you set another to Export it. Keep this in mind when changing the settings for a Resource Type.

Setting it to Use Locally means that the resource type can be stored here until another industry building needs it. For instance Raw ore from a Ore Mine can be stored at the Trade Port until the Smelting Factory has the need or place for it.

To see how you are doing in the Trading business access your finance screen , in the lower right there is a section that says Recent Transactions. Any financial transactions that have to do with the Trading on the Global Market will show up here.

SimCity Global Market Recent Transactions


SimCity Sandbox Cheats

Want to create the perfect city , but don’t want to put the effort in it that it would require ? Luckely the developers put some cheats into the Sandbox mode of SimCity.

In the sandbox mode it is already alot easier to play , all buildings are unlocked from the start and you get a million simolians. But with structures such as the Eiffel Tower costing up to half a million cash can run out quickly. Thats where these cheats come in !

List of SimCity Cheats

  • ALT+W - Add $100.000 to the City Budget
  • ALT+F - Toggles Fire On/Off
  • ALT+C - Toggles Crime On/Off
  • ALT+M - Toggles Health Issues On/Off
  • ALT+A - Toggles Air Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+P - Toggles Ground Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+H - Toggles Homeless Sims On/Off
  • ALT+S - Toggles Sewage On/Off

Exclusive Content Update

Don’t have the Heroes and Villains , British , French or German Set But you want to know what is in them ?

We got just the thing for you , we have updated the pages of all additional content available outside the standard game. Have a look !

We are updating….

So with the game available to everyone we finally have full access to the game. That means we are putting in lots of effort to update all information on the website to the final value’s , and adding stuff we are missing.

So make sure to check back once in a while the coming days ( between games offcourse). Here are some of the Region maps we added today !

SimCity Discovery Delta Region PlotsSimCity Cape Trinity Region City PlotsSimCity Reflection Atoll Region City Plots

SimCity Whitewater Valley Region City PlotsSimCity Sunrunner Bay Region PlotsSimCity Viridian Woods Region City Plots


Find incorrect info ? Leave a comment and we will try to update it asap.

SimCity has Launched

Yeah right i hear u say !

If you bought your game in the Asian Origin store, or have a physical Copy and live in asia you can play the game as of right now. There is a trick going around to activate the game using a virtual private network connection to asia.

However this doesn’t seem to work if you pre-orderd the game via another origin store.(without vpn). continue to read after the break for instructions, on your own risk !SimCity Servers Continue reading