To be able to use some of the structures described you must own the Heroes and Villains Set

Vu Tower

The Vu Tower is the Headquarters for Dr Vu and his Tugs. Dr Vu is precisely the opposite of MaxisMan, he stand for Chaos and Crime. The Vu Tower can help you create a unique city that is filled with both high tech industry and crime.

Dr Vu attracts your citizens toward the Vu Tower with the promise of the newest gadgets from his VuTek. But once inside they get turned into Henchmen.

This is the SimCity VU Tower

The more henchmen spread out across your city and bring loot to the Vu Tower. The Collection of Loot is the way you gather points to upgrade your Vu Tower. In Case the Local Police or MaxisMan is able to handle your henchmen you can also activate a short burst of activity to overcome them.


  • New Low Wealth tourist per day : 84
  • New Medium Wealth tourist per day : 120
  • New High Wealth tourist per day : 120


  • Have 5 industrial buildings
  • Have 5 criminals at large.


  • $ 120.000 Simolians, once build $ 400 /hr upkeep.


  • Increases tech level of nearby industry
  • Accepts freight shipments from local industry
  • Unleash Dr Vu to keep MaxisMan busy or just for the sheer fun.

Additional Modules

  • VuMobile Garage : This is Dr. Vu’s Car which allows him to travel around quicker.
  • Vu Laboratory : The Vu Laboratory allows building of the destructive VuBot.

This is the SimCity Vu Tower


8 thoughts on “Vu Tower

    1. A Friend

      Well, imo honestly there should be atleast just one little police station. To keep the population from leaving from cause of too much crime. If you want the whole city to be criminals then, obv no. If you’re gonna do option #2 then expect the police icon to be red all the time :P

  1. ゴヤール アウトレット 本物

    しっかりとした作りで、デザイン性にも優れていたのですが、何せ重くて結局手放すことになりました。 ゴヤール アウトレット 本物

  2. モンブラン 時計

    雪で覆われたモンブラン山、その永遠の純白を讃えるために、ピュアホワイトのラッカー仕上げが採用。キャップトップに冠されるモンブランのシンボルマークには、スノークリスタルを使用し、モンブラン山脈の氷河や万年雪が表現されています。 モンブラン 時計

  3. ゴヤール トートバッグ

    GOYARDのバッグは天然アラビアゴムで防水性にすぐれています。お手入れは乾いた布で拭くだけ。とっても簡単ですね。 ゴヤール トートバッグ


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