Trade Depot

The Trade Depot allows you to import and export resources like coal and crude oil to the Global Market. Read about importing and exporting here, or scroll down for module information and images.

This is the SimCity Trade Depot



  • none


  • $ 10.000 Simolians, once build $ 75/hr upkeep.


  • Accepts freight shipments from industry

Additional modules

  • Trade Depot Sign : It is not likely they’ll miss this place , but you can never be to sure !
  • Delivery Truck Garage : Adds a truck to move resources between the Trade Port and the consumers.
  • Coal Storage Lot : Allows the storage of huge amounts of Coal.
  • Freight Shipping Warehouse : Allows the storage of Freight.
  • Crude Oil Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Crude Oil.
  • Raw Ore Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Raw Ore.
  • Metal Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Metal.
  • Alloy Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Alloy’s.
  • Fuel Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Fuel.
  • Plastic Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Plastic.
  • Processor Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Processors.
  • Computer Storage Lot : Allows the storage of Computer’s.
  • TV Storage Lot : Allows the storage of TV’s.

Additional Trade Depot Images

This is the SimCity Trade Depot Status Screen

8 thoughts on “Trade Depot

    1. joe

      why does it seem like its not making any money?? got a quest that said make 60k from trade depot and it never showed i made a dime?

  1. john

    Maybe your delivery trucks are stuck in traffic ? If not search the EA forums , there are some known bugs with trade depots and ports at the moment.


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